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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to resize my ring?

The resizing of a simple ring can take as quick as 1-2hours. However, as we usually have many tasks on hand, our lead time is around 2-5 working days. Some rings with a more unique design might take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the resizing. For urgent request, we do provide an expedited service to get your rings resized on the same day, but it comes with an express-service fee.

Will my ring look the same after resizing?

The short answer is yes, but it depends. Rings with a simple design will look good as new after resizing as we will clean, polish, and gold plate the ring to remove any blemishes. However, rings with more intricate and complex designs are more difficult to resize and the process might alter the ring design. We will try our best to retain its original design, but it might not look 100% the same

How long does it take to repair my Jewellery?

Simple soldering of broken necklaces or bracelets can be done in 30 mins to an hour. However, more complex cases might take up to days. As such, feel free to enquire about the repair process and we will guide you through what needs to be done. Our repair processes are mostly done in-house so your Jewellery can be completed quickly and you do not have to make a second trip down to collect them. 

Will my Jewellery look the same after repair?

The straightforward answer is no, your Jewellery won't look exactly the same as before, much like how a scar might remain after a fall. However, this outcome varies depending on factors like the Jewellery's design, material, and the extent of the damage.

Let's take the example of a broken hollow 14k yellow gold chain to illustrate this point. After repair, the soldered area of the chain might have a slightly different color and texture. Why does this happen? Firstly, there's a difference in color between 14k, 18k, and 22k yellow gold due to varying gold purity levels. If the 14k yellow gold chain is plated with 18k gold to enrich its color, the soldering process can cause the 18k gold-plated layer to wear off, revealing the 14k gold underneath. As a result, you might notice a slight color variation. However, this issue can be addressed by re-plating the entire chain with 18k gold, though this would involve an additional cost. Secondly, the texture may change, especially with hollow Jewellery, as soldering can create a slight lump. Conversely, a 24k yellow gold solid chain would retain the same color and texture after soldering since it's the purest form of gold. However, using 24k gold presents another issue as it's soft and more prone to accidental bending, potentially distorting the chain's shape.

How much does it cost to resize my ring?

We often receive questions about how much it costs to resize a ring, and the answer depends on a few things. First off, are you making the ring bigger or smaller? If it needs to be made larger, we have to add more metal like gold, silver, or platinum, which increases the cost. Thicker rings also require more metal, so they can cost a bit more to resize. Secondly, the type of metal your ring is made of matters. Platinum rings are tougher to work with because they're harder and have a higher melting point compared to gold or silver. That means resizing them takes more time and effort, so it usually costs more. Some rings might need extra rhodium or gold plating after resizing to keep them looking their best, which can add to the cost. If your ring has gemstones or side stones, resizing it can be a bit trickier and may cost more because we need to take extra care not to damage the stones. Rings with special designs like Milgrain or Filigree also take more work to resize, which can affect the price. Plus, they might look a little different afterward. To give you an accurate estimate, we'll need to know more about your ring. You can send us some pictures via WhatsApp at (+65)88704696 along with answers to the questions above, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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