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Our Services


Jewellery Repair

Broken chains, loose earrings, out-of-shape rings, you name it. At Meiya, our in-house craftsmen will be able to fix your precious Jewellery in no time.


Jewellery Customization

Are you finding an engagement ring for your better half? Or do you have a gemstone that needs to be set? Simply book a free session with us to find out more.


Cleaning / Polishing

We provide professional cleaning and restoration services that will make your Jewellery look good as new. Come on down to make your Jewellery shine brightly again.


Ring Resizing

Is your ring too big or too small for you? Simply head down to our shop to get it resized. We have the right tools to measure your finger size to ensure that your ring fits perfectly again.


Clasp Replacement

Unfortunately, broken clasps cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced. We offer clasps of different sizes, gold purity (14k/18k/22k), and colours. (Yellow, White or Rose gold)


Gemstone Replacement

We have a wide range of gemstones (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, etc) of different shapes and sizes for replacement in the event that one of yours dropped out.



Have a piece of jewellery that looks discoloured or doesn't shine like it used to? It's time to replate your jewellery so it looks brand new again!


Extension / Shortening

Got a Necklace or Bracelet that is too long or too short for you? Come on down to get them shortened/extended.



Do you have a piece of outdated/broken Jewellery that you no longer wear? Let's transform them into something so you can wear them again!

Check out the FAQ section to learn more about what happens to your Jewellery!

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